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The "Art" of Reinvention

The road to reinvention is seldom paved with gold

It is filled with unexpected gifts, a story yet untold.

There is no map or manual, to guide us on our way

A series of unopened doors, invite our souls to play.

The process is a synthesis, combining old with new

To discover and reclaim the parts,

Refine, rebuild, renew.

It will appear confusing and chaotic at the start,

In order to restructure, you must first break things apart.

The form as you have known it; no longer serves the whole,

Alllow your heart to turn the key to open your new goal.

As the tapestry is woven, you will see how the threads align,

Hidden beneath the foundation is an intelligent design.

To navigate the mystery you will need an open mind,

You will discover many treasures you've forgotten, or left behind.

Renee Sugar/2015.

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