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Zentangle #4.

"When your mind is empty; it is open to everything. In the beginners'mind there are many possibilities; in the experts' there are few."

Shunryu Suzuki

Welcome to Zentangle. It is a meditative drawing practice. It allows the mind, eye and hand to meander and to become relaxed so it can open to possibilities that were not able to be seen before. When we are "trying" too hard to solve a problem, the focus can become too narrow. By shifting attention away from the situation; the mind opens and the tension, dissolves. Refreshed with a new perspective ready to opens new doorways that may have not been apparent before.

No prior training required. All beginners welcome.

What is Zentangle? A process which allows the mind, hand and eye to explore by drawing a series of shapes, patterns, and textures. There is no goal with Zentangle. It requires no special skills, there are no mistakes.

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