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"Be yourself; Everyone else is already taken". Oscar Wilde

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Shifting perspectives.

Opening new doors.

How do we find the way to uncover the unique gifts that each one of us has to share with the world?

We must claim all of the pieces that comprise our original puzzle.

By searching for patterns that recurr throughout our lives, we can

discover the clues that will together form a blueprint that has always

been an underlying foundation for everything that we have done.

It may not have been clear; throughout the journey, but when we

take a closer look to view our proudest accomplishments through

the lens of our soul's unfolding; there is an intelligent cohesive

thread which is weaving throughout the tapestry of life. Each

individual's pathway with twists and turns that reveal the details

of the integrative story about where we fit and how we fill the place

that only we can.

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