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    Biography/Renee Sugar

In 2008 a chance discovery of a marbling kit was

a life transforming moment which led to opening many new doors. The practice was a departure

from painting in watercolor into a world of exploring color, movement, pattern and space in a completely new form. The brushes were hung up to dry and replaced by combs, or needles.

The earliest  origin of the marbling process dates back to 12th century  Japan where it was practiced

in the royal courts. Suminagashi "floating ink" preceeded marbling on a more dense size which allowed more control and replaced the India ink

with colored pigments. My intention was not to duplicate the historical variations which were popular as the end papers on the covers of 

leather bound  books. As a self-taught artisan

my hope was to bring new life to a lost art form

and  to create an original style which expressed 

my own artistic voice. By combining history with technology; the transformation of the original images gives new meaning to the word "renaissance". 

The collaborative field of surface design expands 

the potential for integrating the artwork and translating the designs into a variety of products. This breaks down the barriers and releases art

from the limitations of a glass enclosed frame.


"One should either be a work of art, or wear a work of art".

Oscar Wilde


The work has been exhibited at the

Interior Design Show in Toronto 2013 /Studio North/Protype

Resource Centre in Designers Walk. 2013.

All images and designs are the sole intellectual property of the artist Renee Sugar. Please do not duplicate or reuse any of the images or designs in any form without  the permission of the artist.


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